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3D Model of Bloomington Downtown Thumbnail 3D Model of Bloomington Viewed in Google Earth

This digital massing model for buildings in downtown Bloomington was created by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff, part of the ITS Department.

This model allows the user to visualize the streetscape in three dimensions from all directions and at different altitudes using simplified renderings of the form of a building. Building detail is omitted but the general shape, dimensions and footprint of the structure remain visible.

Download Files

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3D Model of Downtown Bloomington KML file (KML 769.03 KB)

Viewing Files

To view the 3D Model, you must use a software application that can view KML files such as Google Earth. Google Earth is available for free download at

The model was created from building elevation data collected during a recent GIS data update project that utilized the Digital Elevation Model and Color Orthophotography taken by the State of Indiana. The City has additional elevation data along the major corridors and plans to build additional 3D models in these areas.