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The Commission works to educate the public concerning the goals and methods of historic preservation. Nine volunteer local commissioners, all local residents experienced in historic preservation, are appointed by the mayor. They are assisted by a staff member from the city Department of Housing and Neighborhood Development.


Appointee Appointed By Term Expiration Date
Duncan Campbell (Carryover) Common Council 2016-12-31
Derek Richey (Carryover) Common Council 2016-12-31
(Vacant) Common Council 2019-12-31
Leslie Abshier Common Council 2017-12-31
Lee Sandweiss Mayor 2018-12-31
Jeannine Butler Mayor 2017-12-31
Chris Sturbaum Mayor 2018-12-31
Sam DeSollar (Carryover) Mayor 2016-12-31
David Harstad Mayor 2017-12-31
John Saunders Mayor 2017-12-31
Marjorie Hudgins (Carryover) Mayor 2016-12-31
Jeff Goldin Mayor 2018-12-31
Marleen Newman (Carryover) Mayor 2016-12-31

Courthouse Square Designation

Courthouse corner shot

In response to a request by Common Council, The Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission recommended designation of the Courthouse Square as a local historic district.. A series of public information sessions were held with owners and interested parties. On December 2, 2015, the City Council passed Ordinance 15-25 to establish the Courthouse Square Historic District. The district's design guidelines are currently in draft form and available in the Housing and Neigborhood Development Deaprtment or at the link below.

Courthouse Square National Register District Map

Courthouse Square Design Guidelines DRAFT (PDF 331.69 KB)

Read the Commission's Preservaton Plan for Bloomington

In 2011 the Commission developed a strategic work plan for preservation activities in Bloominton. The first goal was to provide the historic resources on the downtown square with protection. Read through this document, and njoy the archival photographs.

2012 Preservation Plan for Historic Bloomington (PDF 16.75 MB)

cover image PPHB

Monon Clock

The Monon clock, which once stood in the Bloomington Monon Passenger Station, is over 100 years old and was restored by local craftsmen with funding from the City. The rare clock was gifted to the City by the Mathers Museum of World Cultures. The clock stands in the southeast corner of City Hall atrium.

Monon Clock

Do you want to know whether your house or property is located in a local historic district that is regulated by Title 8?

Go to "myBLOOMINGTON" and enter your address.