The Commission works to educate the public concerning the goals and methods of historic preservation. Nine volunteer local commissioners, all local residents experienced in historic preservation, are appointed by the mayor. They are assisted by a staff member from the city Department of Housing and Neighborhood Development.

Historic Preservation Month 2014

Rosemary Miller Lecture:

Friday May 2nd Buskirk Chumley Theater

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

On May 2nd The Commission will cosponsor the 4th annual Rosemary Miller Lecture. This year the speaker is author Will Fellows. The talk is free and open to the public.

Will Fellows In his book, "A Passion to Preserve," Fellows writes about a heretofore unheralded social movement which brought reinvestment to urban neighborhoods that were teeterng on the brink of devastation. Neglect and abandonment had threatened these neighborhoods for decades when a loose alliance of gay men began to move into blighted urban areas. Fellows's book recognizes the impact of innumerable private decisions on the revitalization of older neighborhoods. Fellows points out that this movement was not a result of government programming or social engineering; it was the natural response of gay men to craftsmanship, quality, rarity, and value.

WIll's Book At a time when federal assistance for preservation activities is at an all-time low, it is significant to remember that the bulk of work in most historic neighborhoods is done one house at a time. As a consequence of this work, vast areas of America have been reclaimed as vital neighborhoods, contributing to a re-imagining of urban living for the next generation.

Cake Contest

Join us as we celebrate the month of May in conjunction with the Monroe County Historic Preservation Board of Review.

small cake The third annual Old House Expo and Architectural Cake Contest promises to garner even more interest (and entries) this year. The competition will heat up on Saturday, May 17th in the City Hall atrium when entrants will vie for the grand prize in cake decorating and edible architecture. Entry forms are available at

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