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The City of Bloomington believes that a thriving business community enhances the quality of life for citizens. To this end, the Department of Economic and Sustainable development has developed the "Business Academy" as an online tool to assist in successfully starting and operating a business in our community.

Here you'll find information on permitting, economic development districts, business incentives and other resources provided by the City of Bloomington.

Business Incentives Offered through the City of Bloomington

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A list of various incentives offered to local businesses through the City of Bloomington. For more detailed information on these incentives visit the Business Incentives website.

Frequently Asked Questions about City of Bloomington Business Services

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Have more questions about business services offered by the City of Bloomington? Be sure to visit the FAQ section for assistance.

City of Bloomington Economic Development Contact Information

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Check here for contact information for the City of Bloomington. For other City contact information, visit the City of Bloomington Staff and Department Directory.

Economic Development District Descriptions and Maps

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Details the economic development districts within the City of Bloomington.

City of Bloomington Zoning District Maps

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Check here for current maps detailing the City's various zoning districts.

Tools to Aide in Starting and Operating a Business

Guide To Starting a Business in the State of Indiana

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A step-by-step guide to starting a business in Indiana. Offers assistance with business plan development, site selection, legal issues, etc.

The U.S. Small Business Administration's Tools for Starting a Business

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Check here for business plan templates, guidance for choosing a location, information on financing, and more.

City of Bloomington Economic Development Partner Organizations

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Links and information about several of the City of Bloomington's economic development partner organizations.

TurboTax Guide to Starting a Business

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A quick guide to estimating income taxes, tracking expenses, and taking tax deductions