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Civil Streets Bloomington

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We all have a right to use Bloomington's streets, and that means we all have responsibilities, too. Remember that our own neighbors, friends and family are the people we see out on the road, whether they're biking, walking, driving, taking the bus, or getting around some other way. Try to be courteous and understand that all of us need to get where we're going. Try walking, biking, or taking the bus yourself, just to get a different perspective.

The City of Bloomington's Civil Streets initiative is intended to:

  1. to reduce unsafe behaviors of bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.

  2. to reduce frustrations that result from unsafe and unpredictable behaviors.
  3. to reduce the incidence of crashes leading to injury or death.

How? Through education, infrastructure, enforcement, and by encouraging plain old common courtesy.

Rules of the Road Image Rules of the Road

Whether by car, bike or on foot you can make the roads safer just by obeying the law. We know the law can be confusing so we've done our best to sum it up for you!

Check out our Rules of the Road page

Word of Mouth - Civil Streets

Spread the Word

We need great folks like you to help us spread the word! We've got stickers for your bike and car, posters for your window, and more.

Click here to order FREE stickers and posters.

volunteers needed


Want to do something tangible to promote better conditions for biking and walking, while meeting great people and spending time outside? Volunteers are needed to help with different Civil Streets Initiatives throughout the year.

Click here for details on volunteer opportunities

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Be a Roll Model

Whether you are a motorist or bicyclist, a parent/grandparent, adult, or youth, ride for transportation or recreation, we all can play a part in being a "Roll Model" to decrease the risks of traffic crashes and preventable injuries and deaths.

Register for an upcoming Traffic Skills 101 course.

Comments and Suggestions

Comments? Suggestions?

We are continuously working to improve the safety and civility of our community. We would appreciate any of your comments or suggestions that will help make Bloomington streets civil.

Please click here to go directly to our comment page.

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