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2016 CoA Annual report cover

Aging affects us all. Often, our life experiences lead us to focus on the ways in which we differ-such as race, gender, religious preference, or socio-economic status. But aging is an experience we all have in common. Everyone who is lucky enough to grow old will feel some of the pains-and hopefully, some of the joys-associated with aging. So everyone will benefit from making Bloomington a more comfortable and welcoming community in which to age, not just those citizens who already are older now.

And that is the goal of the work we do-to help Bloomington become more age-and-ability-friendly. Our Annual Report will give you an overview of who we are, what we've done in 2016, and our plans for 2017. You can access the full text of the report by clicking on the cover image, or on the PDF link in the list of attachments to the right. We would welcome the opportunity to address any questions you might have about our work.