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When it comes to deer, people tend to have strong feelings. Some residents view deer as highly-valued wildlife, while others may view deer as a nuisance. A key part of our work is understanding where people perceive deer to be overabundant and where they do not.

To help us better understand how you experience deer in your neighborhood and the community, please take a few minutes to fill out a brief COMMUNITY OPINION SURVEY.

Before completing this survey, please:

Please note
: Due to cost and time constraints, the results of this survey will not be scientific; however, residents' candid feedback will help the Task Force better understand some of the social aspects of this issue.

Please further note that this survey is not intended to be a referendum on preferred management strategies. Instead, the Task Force will consider the survey results as one indicator of community sentiment and will consider survey feedback alongside many other variables such as efficacy, cost, humaneness and safety.