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Thank you for your interest in our foster program!

Puppies What began as a rather informal collection of foster homes proved to be a remarkable asset for improving adoptions, and for enhancing the image of the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control Shelter and the companion animals at the Shelter. This program, combined with off-site adoption events and transports to other shelters, has dramatically reduced euthanasia.

What is the purpose of the foster program?

J and Smudge

What is your role/commitment as a foster guardian?
We ask that you provide:
What is involved in becoming a foster guardian?
What issues should be considered before agreeing to participate in the foster program?
What policies and procedures must be followed?

Julia Eppley, Foster Program Coordinator
Phone: 349-3871 Fax: 812-349-3440 E-mail:

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Again, thank you for your interest in fostering a companion animal. With your help, we can give a second (or third) chance for a life-long home to a deserving companion. Foster a critter and save a life! kittens