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Yard Waste Collection

City of Bloomington yard waste collection will begin April 1st, 2016. We will pick up yard waste every other week the same day as your recycle is picked up. If you have questions, please call 812-349-3443.

City of Bloomington Sanitation Services

Minibanner myBloomington Bloomington residents can find their trash and recycling day by using the myBloomington online location tool or by viewing the Sanitation Daily Route map located in the City Services Map Gallery. Already know your trash day? Then print out a schedule of pick-up days based on your area - Trash and Recycling Pickup Schedule

Please note that the Sanitation Department does not do alley pick up of any type. All items that a city resident sets out on their trash, recycle and yard waste day must be curbside in front of their home for removal by the Sanitation crews.

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Please email with any further questions regarding programs that are offered.

Sanitation Garage

The Sanitation Garage is located at 3406 S. Walnut St. Find the Sanitation Garage
Hours of Operation:
Monday through Thursday 5:00 AM to 2:30 PM.
(812) 349-3443