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Fire Prevention Plans Fire inspections have evolved over the past three years and have become more comprehensive. The Bloomington Municipal Code Title 18 Fire Prevention was updated in 1997 to reflect current State Code as prescribed by the State Fire and Building Safety Commission.

Locally, the fire inspection bureau has determined there are specific occupancies that have greater hazards and statistically have demonstrated a higher percentage of fires within our community. For example: restaurant kitchens have a high risk of creating fires. Routine inspections focus on assisting restaurant owners and operators in reducing hazards in commercial kitchens and providing maintenance guidelines for kitchen staff. Inspections emphasize many of the following areas:

  1. Exit paths, corridors and aisles shall be clear of obstructions and combustible materials.
  2. Exit paths shall be clearly identified.
  3. Electrical hazards and improper use of extension cords shall be eliminated.
  4. Commercial restaurant kitchens shall have accumulation of grease eliminated, and fire suppression systems are to be properly adjusted and tested.

Plan Review

Plan review is an important aspect of fire prevention. A fire inspector is a standing member of the Bloomington Development Review Committee. The fire prevention division works closely with the Planning Department and City Utilities to assure that the following criteria are met for new developments:

  1. Adequate water supplies are provided and distributed throughout new developments.
  2. Roads are constructed to enable fire apparatus access to areas within the development.
  3. Long range planning for new roads and growth considering fire department priorities and concerns.