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Find an Ordinance

Legislative Information

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The Clerk is responsible for the maintenance of the Common Council's Official Records. These records include meeting minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and the Bloomington Municipal Code. All of the documents are available for public inspection in the Office of the Clerk.

Maintenance of official records makes it possible to research the actions of the Common Council.

For example, if information is needed about Bloomington's Noise Ordinance, begin by looking in the Bloomington Municipal Code and find "Noise" in the index. Included in the code is the ordinance number from which the law has been created. The Clerk's library contains all of the ordinances passed by the Bloomington Common Council. After finding the ordinance date of passage, it is then possible to find the minutes outlining the discussion of the ordinance, as well as how each councilmember voted.

Also see the 2017 Legislation for information on legislation passed by the Council this year.