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Neighborhood Parking Permit FAQs


Any person who maintains their residence within the Neighborhood Parking Zone is eligible to apply for one parking permit per vehicle. Proof of residency for homeowners is a current property tax statement or current utility bill. Renters must submit a current lease. A current vehicle registration is also necessary.

Obtain a Permit

Parking Permits may be obtained in City Hall, Suite 240, Monday thru Friday, 8AM to 5PM. Contact the Parking Enforcement department with questions at 812-349-3436 with questions.

Parking Permit Fees

If you meet the above eligibility requirements, each Permit is $25. A Visitor's Permit is also $25 (one per address). Permits expire Aug. 15th of each year.

Parking Violation Fines

Violation of this Ordinance is subject to an escalating fine of $20.

Visitor's Parking Permits

A Visitor's Permit can be purchased by a resident living in the Neighborhood Zone and can be used only by a visitor while temporarily visiting that address. Only one Visitor's Permit may be purchased per address. Businesses do not qualify for Visitor Permits.

Other General Neighborhood Parking Information

Information in Neighborhood Parking Permits