The Housing Trust Fund Board is a citizen's board that is charged with:

MEETINGS: First Tuesday of every other month, 3:30 P.M.., City Hall, McCloskey Room

To view a list of the current members of the Housing Trust Fund Board, as well as information about term lengths and qualifications, click on the following link:


Appointee Appointed by: Term Expiration Date:
Sarah Rogers
The Mayor 12/31/12
Vacancy The Mayor 1/31/15
Vacancy The Mayor 1/31/14
Jason Banach The Mayor 12/31/15
Tim Mayer The Mayor 12/31/13
Vacancy Common Council 1/31/14
Vacancy Common Council 1/31/14
Vacancy Common Council 1/31/15
Vacancy Common Council 1/31/15
Iris Kiesling Commissioners **
John West
The Community Foundation **
Lisa Abbott
(Staff) **

**Indefinite term

TERMS: 2 years (no more than 2 consecutive 2 year terms) Initially the terms will be staggered.


QUALIFICATIONS: City residents; city officials and employees eligible, but may not constitute a majority on Board; members should be tenants, owners, and persons with experience in building, managing and leasing housing.