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The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) of the Bloomington/Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is a volunteer group consisting of representatives from community organizations, professional organizations, neighborhood associations, and the private sector. Interested citizens that are not officially representing an agency or association are also invited to join the CAC.

Through the CAC, the MPO receives direct input for Policy Committee deliberation and transportation issues. The CAC also assists in developing public involvement programs to solicit general public input on all MPO activities.

CAC meetings are open to the public and meet at 6:30pm in the McCloskey Room of City Hall.

Click here to view the 2015 Meeting Schedule (PDF 17.64 KB) of MPO Committees


Name Representing
Laurel Cornell (Vice Chair) Citizen
Sarah Ryterband (Chair)

Prospect Hill Neighborhood

Paul Ash McDoel Gardens Neighborhood
Jack Baker McDoel Gardens Neighborhood
Ken Campanella Citizen
Trent Carney Citizen
Sarah Clevenger Citizen
Elizabeth Cox-Ash McDoel Gardens Neighborhood
Anita Douglas Citizen
Mary Jane Hall Bloomington Board of Realtors
Liz Irwin Chamber of Commerce
Larry Jacobs Chamber of Commerce
John Kehrberg Citizen
Ted Miller Citizen
Bill Milroy Old Northeast Neighborhood
Cheryl Munson Citizen
Patrick Murray Prospect Hill Neighborhood
James Reed Citizen
David Walter Sixth & Ritter Neighborhood
Tamby Wikle-Cassady Citizen

*Note: Per the Operational Bylaws membership of the CAC is subject to frequent change - persons attending 3 consecutive meetings become voting members; persons whom miss 3 consecutive meetings lose their voting privaleges