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City Acronyms

City Acronyms

You will likely find a number of acronyms scattered across the City's website. Here you will find an explanation of some of them. Please let us know if you can think of more.

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act

BAC - Bloomington Arts Commission

BCOS - Bloomington Commission on Sustainability

BDU - Bloomington Digital Underground

BEAD - Bloomington Entertainment & Arts District

BEQI - Bloomington Environmental Quality Indicators

BHPC - Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission

BHQA - Bloomington Housing Quality Appeals

BHRC - Bloomington Human Rights Commission

BIDAC - Bloomington Industrial Development Advisory Commission

BPW - Board of Public Works

BT - Bloomington Transit (Corporation)

BUEA - Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association

BZA - Board of Zoning Appeals

CATS - Community Access Television Services

CCA - Council for Community Accessibility

CFRD - Community and Family Resources Department

CSBM - Commission on the Status of Black Males

CSW - Commission on the Status of Women

CTP - Certified Technology Park

EC - Environmental Commission

EDC - Economic Development Commission

HAND - Housing and Neighborhood Development

ITS - Information & Technology Services (Department)

LWO - Living Wage Ordinance

MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization

OOTM - Office of the Mayor

TCC - Telecommunications Council

USB - Utilities Service Board