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Multiple bus services run throughout Bloomington and surrounding areas ensuring that you will get directly to your destination on time. To find out more about each bus service, please contact the appropriate agency below.

Bus Service in Bloomington

Bloomington Transit, Bloomington's municipally-owned and operated bus service, provides bus transportation throughout the City of Bloomington. Bloomington Transit also operates BT Access, a transportation service provided by Bloomington Transit for persons with disabilities who, by means of a disability, cannot use their existing "fixed route" bus system.

For more information about either of these services, visit or call (812) 336-7433.

Bus Service on IU's Campus

Indiana University Campus Bus Serviceprovides basic transportation on campus for the Indiana University community and Bloomington residents. The system operates as a fixed-route, scheduled service.

For more information about Campus Bus routes and schedules, visit or call (812) 855-8384.

Bus Service Outside of Bloomington

Area 10 provides bus services outside of Bloomington through its Rural Transit service. A service of the Area 10 Agency on Aging, Rural Transit offers bus service to everyone from Monroe, Owen and Lawrence counties.

For additional information about Rural Transit services, contact the appropriate office below:

Bloomington Shuttle provides transportation to and from Indianapolis International Airport. The shuttle picks up and delivers to four different Bloomington locations, leaving the city nine times a day and also returning from the airport nine times a day.

For more information about Bloomington Shuttle routes and schedules, visit or call 1-800-589-6004 or (812) 332-6004.