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The following is taken from the Bloomington Municiple Code, Title 18 Fire Prevention, Chapter 18.16 Open Burning.

18.16.010 General.
In addition to the requirements of this code, all rules of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management shall be observed at all times. (Ord. 97-36 ' 25, 1997). Visit to view these rules.

18.16.020 Permit required.
No person shall kindle or maintain any bonfire or open burning, or authorize any such fire to be kindled or maintained within the city limits without permit or proper authorization from the fire chief. During construction or demolition of buildings or structures, no waste materials or rubbish shall be disposed of by burning on the premises or in the immediate vicinity without having obtained a permit or proper authorization. Any applicant for an open burning permit shall demonstrate that he/she is in legal control of the lot or parcel of land on which the burning is to be done.

Exception: These restrictions do not prohibit outdoor fires in pits or grills used solely for the preparation of food. (Ord. 97-36 ' 26, 1997).

18.16.030 Burning on public property.
Burning on public property shall be prohibited unless a permit is obtained from the fire chief. (Ord. 97-36 ' 27, 1997).

Please contact the Bloomington Fire Department at 812-332-9763 prior to open burning any materials.