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US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

Impact of Greenhouse Gases

The greenhouse effect, caused by greenhouse gases, is a necessary natural phenomenon for the maintenance of life on planet Earth. Greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere trap the warmth created by the sun and raise the temperature of the earth. Without greenhouse gases, the sun's warmth would escape back into the atmosphere and the result would be a climate much colder and inhospitable to plant, animal and human life. Since the industrial age, human activity has increased the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere beyond naturally occuring levels, and research indicates that global warming is the result - with predicted negative effects for human lives and livelihoods across the globe.

The City of Bloomington recognizes that no approach to building a sustainable community would be complete without addressing the ramifications of global warming and developing a clear strategy to reducing its causes locally. The ensured health of our economy and that of families in our community will depend upon the implementation of effective strategies to reduce global warming. Taking another step toward this end, Mayor Mark Kruzan has endorsed the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.

Endorsing the Agreement - More than Symbolism

On April 21, 2006, Mayor Mark Kruzan joined 224 mayors from 39 states in signing the agreement. The agreement calls for reduced greenhouse gas emissions across the nation and globally, and stems from the refusal of the federal government to ratify the United Nations Kyoto Protocol that took effect February 2005.

"Due to federal inaction, cities throughout the nation are taking local action to reduce global warming pollution," said Mayor Kruzan. "I've long wanted to become a signatory to the agreement but I didn't want to do so until we had a plan of action in place to actually reduce pollution. Today, I'm able to sign a commitment on behalf of the City of Bloomington that is more than symbolic."

On June 13, 2005, the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement was passed unanimously by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Since then, mayors across the country have continued to sign on to the accord.
The City of Bloomington has not only signed on to the accord, but is developing a clear action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including:

For more information about ways you can help prevent climate change and help the City of Bloomington achieve its goals under the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, check out these factsheets from the Environmental Protection Agency!

The City Commission on Sustainability and the City Environmental Commission will help to lead the efforts of engaging the citenzenry in prioritizing and implementing additional efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by the community. In the coming days and months, individuals, organizations, businesses and industry will be called to join the action.

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