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September 2007 CCA Minutes

City of Bloomington Council for Community Accessibility

September 17, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Byron Smith, Chuck Osborn, Vicki Pappas, Katie Herron, Sue Owen, Megan Hutchinson, Elizabeth Hall, Jeff Busch, Aaron Smith, Linda Crawford, Bert Clemons, Katie Anderson, David Carter

Introduction: There were no media reports. Bryon Smith requested that we have a moment of remembrance for Maurice Brockman. He was a friend and supporter of the CCA and will be missed.

Minutes and Financial Report: Minutes were accepted and a financial report was distributed. New donations have been received since the last meeting: $300 from Options For Better Living, $100 from Paralyzed Hoosier Veterans, and $250 from IIDC. In addition, Ivy Tech plans to donate an additional $500 for the awards ceremony.

Traffic/Sidewalk Issues: Sidewalk improvement was discussed. Katie H. reminded members that the sidewalk accessibility guidelines were sent out by email and that Justin requested feedback. She offered hard copies if anyone needed one.

Audible traffic signals: Mike Stenson replaced Don Porter on this project. Byron believes that the city has purchased the computer program to record its own messages.

Intersection of Patterson Drive & Allen Street: Not enough time to cross the intersection safely; the signal allows for 17 seconds and it took 22 seconds when CCA members walked across. Justin is working with Mike Stenson to correct the problem.

Old Concerns: Elizabeth Hall returned to Bucceto's and found that blockage in the hallway where the restrooms are. The manager said he had received a letter from the CCA and promised to move the blockage. Elizabeth returned and the blockage had been removed, but she is concerned it may "creep back". She also asked about the placement of the fire extinguisher; she thinks it may be in the way of the women's restroom. Chuck will take a look at the fire extinguisher and the hallway.

Katie H. reported that there has been no progress with the Parks and Rec. camp issue. She will re-visit this with the CCA in the spring if necessary.

Chuck reported that he is playing phone tag with James McNamara. James is out of town until 9/25; Chuck plans to schedule a meeting with the subcommittee (Elizabeth, Katie H., Meaghan, David, and Katie A) at that point.

New Concerns: Vicki expressed concern about the new restaurant, Trulli Flatbread. She thinks there may be an issue with the ramp. She also reported that the restaurant's second floor will stay open later than the first floor, which presents an accessibility concern. Chuck will investigate.

Awards Ceremony - Monday, October 15, 6:30 p.m., Hilton Garden Inn: Bert reported that there will be a subcommittee meeting on 9/26 at 2 p.m. in the Kelly Room. This meeting will be held to select award recipients, plan the program and recruit volunteers. Byron requested that Sue send a special message to remind CCA members about the 9/26 meeting. If members can't attend but would like to volunteer, they should email Bert. Sue passed a sheet around for people to RSVP for the awards ceremony. Craig and Sue and Byron will work on the script. Names of nominees should be listed in the program and their names should be read aloud. Katie Anderson shared more information about a $500 award ceremony donation. Penny Sims, who works with the Ivy Tech Chancellor, suggested the donation. CCA members discussed whether we should acknowledge Ivy Tech as the top single donor. For next year, should we have donor levels? Chancellor Whikehart believes in civic engagement; he might not be a bad speaker next year or should we create a new award such as "Ivy Tech Civic Engagement Award"?

Accessibility Committee: Discussed updating the decal program. The first step is to update the list of businesses that were already awarded decals. At our November meeting, volunteers will be recruited for survey teams. The next step is to add new businesses. We will publish a list of businesses and offer if others want to "join". Jeff Busch will head this project.

Communications and Operations Committee: Vicki is concerned that CCA is not well-known in the community. She suggested talking to the HT about doing an article. Bryon suggested that he meet with Vicki and Craig and Maria (city PR person) to discuss this. Vicki also reminded the council that we should try to coordinate the city's "Be Accessible" month with Disability Awareness month next year. Craig or Sue will check on this.

Arts Access Committee: The chair of this committee, Marie, has left. Five or six members will be meeting on 10/5 @ 10:30 a.m. in the Dunlap Room to discuss new directions for the group. New members are welcome.

Way To Go: The next training will be on 9/25 at 10:30-12:00 and 1:00-2:30. Anyone interested can call Eli McCormick @ BT Access. Vicki said that a new downtown terminal will be built. Way To Go may want to be proactive and help design this terminal re: accessibility. She asked Suzie's committee to consider this.

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