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3rd Street - St. Charles area

(Photo by George Cesnik)

sdmp St. Charles

Storm drain marking on 3rd Street by St. Charles youth

3rd Street Park area

sdmp Simply Living 1

Stormwater education at the Simply Living Fair

sdmp Simply Living 2

Marking drains near 3rd Street Park

Near West neighborhood

(Photos by George Cesnik)

near west 1

near west 2

Storm drain marking by Beta Theta Pi

East Rock Creek Drive

(Photos by Zoe Williamson)

childs sdmp 1

childs sdmp 2

childs sdmp 3

Storm drain marking by Childs Elementary School


(Photo by Kriste Lindberg)

Tamarron sdmp

Storm drain marking in Tamarron

The Woodlands

(photos by Kriste Lindberg)

stencilling in the woodlands

Drain marking in the Woodlands

sdmp stencil detail

Detail of stencil on Woodlands drain

WonderLab area

(photos by George Cesnik)

WonderLab sdmp 1

Learning about stormwater during a cooperative education and outreach program at WonderLab, "Storm Sewer Secrets"

WonderLab sdmp 2

Marking storm drains with WonderLab participants