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This section contains information from different city departments on renting an apartment or house in Bloomington. The Housing and Neighborhood Development Department (HAND) administers the city's residential rental occupancy permit program, and maintains files for every rental property in the city.

All rental properties in the city are subject to the Rental Occupancy Program, which requires a rental property to be inspected every 3-5 years, and to be registered with the City of Bloomington. Each rental property must have a current occupancy permit, issued by the City's Housing & Neighborhood Development Department (HAND). Every rental property has a file in the HAND department. We invite you to come in and look at the file BEFORE you sign a lease!

Rental properties are limited in the number of unrelated adults who may occupy them. In most residential areas, the occupancy limit is three.

If you have a problem with your rental property,notify the property owner. If it is not resolved, call the HAND department at 349-3420.

NewTitle XVI: Residential Rental Unit and Lodging Establishment Inspection Program

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Residential Rental Unit and Lodging Establishment Inspection Program

Pre-inspection Addendum (PDF 19.51 KB)

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Noise Complaints and Violations

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Rental Complaints

Information about Mold

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Housing and Transportation Affordability Index

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Housing & Transportation Affordability Index