Blooming Neighborhoods Bloomington's Neighborhood Associations have been nurturing and growing wonderful ideas and projects.

2014 Bloomington Neighborhood Celebration

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Showers Common at City Hall

10:00 a.m. to noon

The Blooming Neighborhood Celebration is for all our neighborhood residents! Neighborhoods will be encouraged to host their own information table to showcase their neighborhood.RSVP with Vickie for a space or 349-3505

We hope you can join us for our 14th year in the celebration of Bloomington's neighborhoods. The one thing that has always been impressive with the Blooming Neighborhood Celebration is the sharing and camaraderie of the neighborhood folks. What wonderful community building takes place here in Bloomington, when there are 20 or more Neighborhood Associations gathered at the Farmers' Market visiting with each other! View pictures from the 2013 celebration. Please feel free to share the information about the 2014 Blooming Neighborhood Celebration with your neighborhood.

The theme for 2014 is "Celebrating our Success", this will provide a venue for the neighborhoods to feature what is happening in their neighborhood through several methods.

HAND has created a listing for each neighborhood of all the HAND grants they have been awarded since 1998. Each neighborhood will receive this list at Blooming Neighborhoods so they can share with others about their projects and how they made them work. The neighborhood can be creative as they want with this listing, i.e., adding other types of projects to the list.

We will also build upon the "My Neighborhood Pot Luck Idea!" the collection of recipes that share the special ingredients of making a neighborhood project work by encouraging neighborhoods to add to our book! Here is the link to "My Neighborhood's Pot Luck Idea" and the template is available on the Blooming Neighborhoods Celebra­tion web site. You can contact Vickie Provine at or at 349.3505 to request the form. Please turn in your "Pot Luck" idea to Vickie by Monday, April 28, 2014. No ideas can be too small or too big, enter as many ideas as you would like! It is early yet, so start thinking about what idea you can share with your fellow Bloomingtonians.

"Art Right Up Your Alley" - this program was initiated to add to the celebration of neighborhoods during the month of June. HAND is partnering with Bloomington Arts Commission to issue a Call to Artist to submit artworks for consideration for an exhibit at City Hall Atrium for the month of June. This is a wonderful opportunity for our local artist to showcase their work featuring the neighborhoods of Bloomington - their architecture, environment, people and activities. For more information link to the flyer or contact Miah Micaelsen at

Save the date! Please mark your calendar for Saturday, June 7th, 10 to noon, at the Bloomington Farmer's Market

Please feel free to contact Vickie Provine at call 349-3505 for more information about Blooming Neighborhood Celebration or any of the neighborhood programs provided by Housing and Neighborhood Development.