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Address grid

The origin of the address grid for Monroe County is the Courthouse at corner of Kirkwood Ave and Walnut Street. The older section of Ellettsville uses it's own addressing grid. The north/south divide is State Road 37 Business (Walnut Street) until the intersection with State Road 37. At that point the divide is State Road 37. The west divide is Kirkwood Ave until Waynes Lane where it becomes W State Road 48. The east divide is Kirkwood Ave/5th Street until State Road 446 where it becomes E State Road 46. As streets move a way from the Courthouse, even addresses are on the right and odd addresses are on the left. Street directional indicates the address range is in the North, South, East or West section of the grid as well as the direction that the street runs. 1005 E 10th Street is approximately 10 blocks east of the N/S divide (Walnut Street) and 10th Street is a East/West running road. If trying to decide what is the proper directional to use if the street direction is not clear, look at the range of addresses. Often a street that changes direction one or more times will have the same address range over its length and therefore has one directional. For example, N Kinser Pike has sections that run west, but the addresses stay in the N address range. The entire road is considered North.