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Cottage Grove Addition, encompassing the north side of Tenth street, both sides of Cottage Grove, and the south side of Eleventh street between Lincoln and Dunn, was platted March 20, 1896. Houses appear to have been built very soon after this date. The north side of Eleventh was plated in 1902, and both sides of Twelfth between Lincoln and Dunn were platted in 1903.

Adjacent areas of Eleventh, Twelfth, and Lincoln were platted between 1903 and 1905. The homes between Walnut and Washington, often in the Bungalow style, appear to be somewhat later, probably about 1915. The development of these additions coincided with the growth of the Showers furniture factory on the west side.

These houses, within walking distance of the plant, undoubtedly were built to house factory workers brought to Bloomington to man the growing furniture industry. They are predominately pyramid or hipped roof cottages, usually with a front and side gable and narrow front porch. Some earlier Queen Anne style cross-gabled houses are found, and later Bungalows are especially evident at the west end of the district.

Some of the earliest houses in the area, double pen forms, are located on Tenth Street which was an early rural road in the area. These modest clapboard houses probably date from the 1870's (053 ). The 300 block of Cottage Grove between Lincoln and Grant) retains brick sidewalks and large mature trees overhanging the street. The majority of the homes have been converted to student rentals, and on the whole they are well-maintained.