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Originally the lots south of Third Street in Perry township were called Seminary Lots and were randomly occupied by squatters who took advantage of the good agricultural land. When a sale was demanded by the town Board, the land sold to more prominent citizens. The house at 308 South Maple, an old mid 19th century gothic house, faced 3rd Street when most of the land was farmland.

Pros_Hill _Study2

The Prospect Hill study area encompasses the city out-lots west to Walker Street and surrounds the existing national register district, including areas not thematically or architecturally linked to the original district. The South Side Stone Company, located upon the land that is now Building and Trades Park once provided the district with its working class base.

By 1910 the mill had been abandoned, but many of the houses were developed, including an area known as 'Sod Town' along Davisson and Walker where a more transient population lived. The area developed with homes interspersed with many small businesses, including groceries, cigar stores, dressmakers and leather supplies.

The architecture of the Prospect Hill Study area is diverse, but characterized by many pyramidal roof cottages and gabled-ell's similar to those catalogue homes found in the Near West Side. Specific examples of shot-gun forms are also represented. The streetscape is lined with customized limestone walls, many laid by the residents themselves and octagonal limestone WPA and herringbone pattern brick walkways, which lend an ambiance of history to the area. Today the neighborhood thrives because of a vigorous neighborhood association and enthusiastic interest in building restoration and oral history.