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Work Experience

Diane has worked at Indiana University for nearly 30 years. Her current role is as Director of Special Events for the Office of the President. Her other roles at Indiana University include manager of IT events and conferences, manager of technology education programs, art director for the School of Continuing Studies, and illustrator and photographer for the Indiana University Biology and Optometry departments.

Diane's interest in the Environmental Commission is personal. She has a passion for nature in all forms - the earth, sky, water, and all living plants and creatures with whom we share our planet. A sensitivity to toxins, the result of working with a toxic art material, ultimately resulted in her interest and concern for the environment.

In 2009, Diane was introduced to the Environmental Commission to present her ideas for a yard sign campaign to promote natural lawns - now called "Lawns for Life". Diane serves on the Environmental Commission as chair of the Natural landscaping Committee.

Most Saturday mornings you can find Diane at the Bloomington Farmer's Market Environmental Commission information table, where a variety of educational environmental outreach materials are available, as well Lawn for Life signs.

Years with EC

Diane has been a member of the Environmental Commission since November, 2010.