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The B-Line Trail extends a total of 3.1 miles from the east side of Adams Street, through the downtown, through the switchyard property, and to the north side of Country Club Drive. The trail head for the Bloomington Rail Trail is across from the end of the B-Line Trail, south of Country Club Drive.

The downtown sections of the trail incorporate design features such as street name paver treatments at each crossing, a human/pet drinking fountain, park benches, limestone accents, trees, and landscaping. Some sections feature energy-efficient LED fixtures. There are small plaza areas south of City Hall, next to Showers Common; west of the WonderLab Museum; behind the Convention Center, just across the pedestrian bridge over Third Street; near Seminary Square south of Second Street and at Adams Street. Generous financial support from IU Health Bloomington helped provide two fitness stations along the trail just south of First Street.

The B-Line Trail is 12' wide asphalt with 2' wide gravel shoulders on both sides for those who prefer a softer surface.

The trail is lighted with energy-efficient LED lights. The lights are on from dusk to dawn.

Where does the Trail begin and end?

The B-Line Trail begins at Adams Street and ends at the north side of Country Club Drive, a distance of three miles.

Will I have to pay to use the Trail?

There is no user fee for the B-Line Trail.

Who paid for the B-Line Trail?

Land acquisition costs for the three-mile former rail corridor were 80 percent funded by federal grant dollars. Eighty percent of the cost of the first phase of construction will be funded by the same federal grant and an environmental cleanup grant from the State of Indiana.

The second and final phase of the B-Line Trail was largely funded through federal stimulus and state grant awards.

Why build the B-Line Trail?

City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department surveys indicate strong demand for continued trail construction. All Bloomington trails offer an alternative means of transportation, a place to be active, and represent a long-term commitment to connect public facilities by routes that do not require vehicles.

Who can I contact for more information?

To learn more about the B-Line Trail, contact the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department at (812) 349-3700 or via e-mail at