Thomson Park Located at 1400 W. RCA Park Drive

Getting to RCA Community Park During Construction on Rockport Road

To get to RCA Community Park during road construction, get on Adams Street at the Tapp roundabout. Take Adams Street north to Countryside Lane. Turn right on Countryside Lane and drive east to West RCA Park Drive. Turn left on West RCA Park Drive; the drive ends at RCA Community Park. Get a map here.

Goods From Your Woods

The forest provides us with so much more than just firewood and lumber. From ginseng to goats, agroforestry (the science of integrating both trees and additional crops for environmental and economic benefit) can be a sustainable and profitable land management practice. Landowners come and be inspired by agroforestry ideas for your own property. Whether you own one acre or 200, there is an agroforestry system that can meet your goals. The program begins with a presentation followed by a short walk, where agroforestry applications will be discussed for RCA Community Park. For ages 18 yrs. and up. Instructor: Josh Nickelson

Sa 7/18 · 4-5 p.m. · Register by 7/11 (Code 24006-A)
$5/in-city, $6/non-city

RCA Community Park

Summer Stargazing

The nighttime sky is full of amazing stories. Watch a planetarium-style presentation to learn the myths and legends behind summertime constellations, and tricks for easily locating them in the night sky. Bring a blanket or camp chair for comfortable seating and spend some time stargazing at the park. For all ages. Instructor: Derek Greene

F 8/21 · 9-10 p.m. · Register by 8/17 (Code 24010-A)
$4/in-city, $5/non-city

RCA Community Park