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Thomson Park Located at 1400 W. RCA Park Drive

Healthy Hikes

Take in the sights and sounds of nature as you hike your way to a healthier you. Join a naturalist for weekly hikes that explore local natural areas and discover the numerous benefits of walking in the woods. Wear closed-toe shoes and bring a water bottle for these moderately strenuous hikes. For all ages.

Tu 10/27 · 6-7 p.m.
RCA Community Park

Wild Tea Tasting

Winter is upon us and we often look to different beverages to keep us warm. For centuries wild teas have been created and enjoyed from plants that are oftentimes right in our own back yards! Learn appropriate harvesting, preparation, and storage techniques for making some truly delightful and beneficial teas. Samples are provided. For all ages. Instructor: Josh Nickelson

Sa 11/14 · 1-2 p.m. · Register by 11/9 (Code 34003-A)
$4/in-city, $5/non-city

RCA Community Park