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Below is the Approved 2009 City Budget for the City of Bloomington, which is divided into 32 PDF files that range from 10 KB to 365 KB. The Complete 2009 City Budget (PDF 14.42 MB) combines all departments and divisions into one PDF file.

The Approved 2009 City Budget is available for public inspection during regular business hours at the following locations:

Budget Files

Complete 2009 City Budget (PDF 14.42 MB)

Table of Contents (PDF 5.93 KB)

Controller's Message (PDF 40.08 KB)

General Fund Summary (PDF 10.06 KB)

Expenditure Budget Comparison (PDF 21.20 KB)

Graphs (PDF 21.69 KB)

Capital Budget (PDF 7.70 KB)

Animal Care & Control (PDF 2.39 MB)

Clerk's Office (PDF 151.04 KB)

Common Council (PDF 148.23 KB)

Community and Family Resources (PDF 380.07 KB)

Controller's Office (PDF 1.42 MB)

Department of Economic Development (PDF 384.07 KB)

Employee Services (PDF 308.37 KB)

Engineering (PDF 2.39 MB)

Fire (PDF 421.30 KB)

Fleet Maintenance (PDF 2.39 MB)

Housing and Neighborhood Development (PDF 494.84 KB)

Information and Technology Services (PDF 587.03 KB)

Legal (PDF 633.19 KB)

Office of the Mayor (PDF 261.58 KB)

Parking Enforcement (PDF 2.39 MB)

Parks and Recreation (PDF 2.95 MB)

Planning (PDF 449.00 KB)

Police (PDF 698.58 KB)

Public Works (PDF 2.42 MB)

Risk Management (PDF 519.76 KB)

Sanitation (PDF 2.39 MB)

Street (PDF 2.39 MB)

Telecommunications (PDF 10.80 MB)

Traffic (PDF 2.39 MB)

Bloomington Transit (PDF 822.03 KB)

Utilities (PDF 2.30 MB)