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The counts are performed by the City of Bloomington Engineering Division. They provide valuable information about street usage. They also aid in infrastructure improvements. The City uses various methods for traffic counting.

Some counts are done via counters with air-pulse tubes stretched across the roadway. Counts are also done by placing plate counters in the roadway that measure the interference in the Earth's magnetic field as a vehicle passes over them. The City also has permanent traffic counting stations placed at various spots in the City and County. These counters work in a similar manner to the plate counters and are valuable because they provide around the clock traffic data.

Turning movements are done at intersections by using a turning movement board. These are helpful in determing what improvements need to be done at intersections by seeing how vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians move through the intersection.

For more information on traffic counts, please contact:

Paul Kehrberg, Engineering Technician-Traffic