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November 2008 MLK Commission Minutes

City of Bloomington Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission

November 26, 2008 Minutes

Present: William Vance, Jr., David Hummons, Sheldon Gellar, Jill Budnick; Barbara Fuqua. Staff: Craig Brenner, Sue Owens, Kyle Conover, SPEA Fellow.

Call to Order: 4:04 p.m.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of October 22, 2008 were approved as written.

Report from Treasurer: Craig reported the wrist bands shown as purchased on the report were purchased by the Community and Family Resources Department and not using commission funds. Since the last meeting we have received donations from the IU Credit Union ($200.00), Lana and Paul Eisenburg ($25.00), Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i's ($200) and Stephens Honda-Hyundai ($500), as well as the first payment of the Service for Peace grant in the amount of $5,999.40. The new total is $19,859.96. The treasurer report was accepted.

Old Business: Grant funding guidelines were deferred until the next meeting.

Planning for MLK Day 2009 Evening Events: The prepared program Craig put together was reviewed. Sheldon offered the theme of 'Toward Fulfilling a Dream.' The group brainstormed to David's offering of 'The Dream Unfolding.' The group wanted to identify a theme that captured the process and clearly indicated there is much yet to accomplish. Consensus was reached on David's suggestion. The printing of materials will not occur until the second week of January. Craig will share this with the speaker.

William volunteered to do words of welcome. David volunteered to be the master of ceremonies. Barbara reminded the group she will not be available as she will be on vacation. It was noted that Congressman Baron Hill will not be able to attend. Craig will ask Peggy Welch to attend. David will ask about a speaker from IU and check on David Baker's schedule and whether he or others will perform. William noted that Ivy Tech inquired about this year's theme and he will pass the information along. Kaia will perform two songs. Craig also added that a representative offering greetings from the Corporation for National Service, the funding source for Service for Peace, may or may not attend. They will notify closer to the event.

There was discussion over obtaining film or video to show on King and Obama. William shared he was aware of a ten minute DVD that exists at Light of the World Christian Church in Indianapolis. He will check on availability of the DVD for our use. Otherwise we would need to try and track someone down to help us with the technology of putting a piece together.

The group also approved the appearance of Hip Hop ConnXion-Indiana. Rabbi Wasserman was again recommended for the closing words of peace. A speaker to recognize volunteers is needed and David asked Jill. He indicated they should find something for all commissioners. Jill hopes someone else will do it as she hates public speaking.

William and Debra will work on the reception and Sue volunteered to help.

Project Proposals: December 12th is the deadline for proposals. The plan is to review these on 12-15. Jill, David, Sheldon volunteered. Craig and Bet Savich will also participate.

The Forty Days of Peace Project: Craig has heard from MCCSC and Richland Bean Blossom that they agree to presentations. Edgewood Junior High School requested that a presentation be done at a faculty meeting and Craig is going to do that. Presentations will need to be done somewhere during the second or third week of January. There was much discussion over the process and timing. William and David agreed to present and William hopes that all commission members take part in presentations. Jill brought up networking with existing service clubs. We are waiting on the schools' direction. Jill is also waiting on her contacts at the high schools about individual speakers for quotes.

Fundraising updates: Barbara reported on the contacts she has made and William updated his report from last month.

Forum Update: Sheldon is considering the theme of economics. Warren Henegar and Charlotte Zietlow (as moderator) volunteered. David is checking on IU and the Status of Black Males Commission for more people. Sheldon and David plan to meet before the next meeting 12-17 to further flesh out ideas.

New Business: MLK Commission appoints a member to the Commission on Status of Black Males. David was reappointed continuing his leadership role.

Liaison Reports: William reported nothing new from NAACP. David reported on the Commission on the Status of Black Males. The group wants more visibility in the community and to work more in partnership with other community groups.

Announcements: None

Adjournment: 5:19 p.m.

Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by Jill Budnick