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Monroe County Humane Association and City of Bloomington Animal Shelter Assist in Seizure Over 55 Dogs From Troubled Owen County

December 29, 2008

For more information, please contact:
Sarah Hayes, CEO, Monroe County Humane Association, 332-0123,
Laurie Ringquist, Director, City of Bloomington Animal Shelter, 349-3870,

Bloomington, IN -- On Tuesday, December 23, members of the Monroe County Humane Association, City of Bloomington Animal Shelter, Humane Society of the United States, Owen County Sheriff's Department and other agencies assisted the office of the Indiana Attorney General to seize over 55 dogs and four horses from long time troubled dog dealer, Tammy Gilchrist. Some of the animals found suffered from medical conditions ranging from sores, skin conditions, emaciation and dental issues. Several teams of animal control and welfare professionals from around the state were put together to assist in Tuesday's seizure.

"Removing these animals and giving them new hope and a brighter future was one of the best holiday gifts we could ask for," said Sarah Hayes, CEO of the Monroe County Humane Association. "

The six dogs currently at the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter will also be evaluated, treated, spayed/neutered and placed up for adoption. "Despite everything they have been through, these dogs are so friendly and happy. We look forward to placing them in loving forever homes," said Laurie Ringquist, Director of the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter. "This is an opportunity to remind everyone in our community to adopt their animals from shelters and rescue groups rather than buying them."

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