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The Bloomington/Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization Adopts Complete Streets Policy

January 28, 2009

For more information:
Scott Robinson, Long Range & Transportation Manager, Planning Department, City of Bloomington, 349-3423,;
Jack Baker, Chair, Citizens Advisory Committee, Bloomington/Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization,
Danny Lopez, Communications Director, City of Bloomington, 349-CITY,

Bloomington, IN - In an ongoing effort to enhance accessibility and safety for all commuters,the Policy Committee of the Bloomington/Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMCMPO) has adopted a Complete Streets Policy.

The guidelines outlined in the policy will ensure that roadways safely accommodate all users of a corridor, including pedestrians, bicyclists, users of mass transit, people with disabilities, the elderly, motorists, freight providers, emergency providers and adjacent land users.

"The Complete Streets policy complements our existing Long Range Transportation Plan and illustrates the City's commitment to multi-modal accessibility and connectivity for all forms of transportation," Mayor Mark Kruzan said. "Moving forward, the City will utilize the newly adopted policy and its benchmarks and measures for future transportation plans in Bloomington."

All new, local road projects using federal funding programmed by the BMCMPO will be required to incorporate Complete Streets measures as part of their designs and implementation. Complete Streets also requires transparent project development with measurable outcomes and increased public participation, which will result in better accommodations for all users of a transportation corridor. The BMCMPO is one of only a handful of states and planning bodies that have adopted such measures.

"The adoption of the Complete Streets Policy is a major step community decision makers have taken towards a more inclusive, sensible and sustainable transportation future," said Bloomington City Council President Andy Ruff. "The best thing about the Policy is that the lion's share of the final product came directly from the citizens of Bloomington and Monroe County through the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), with great support, input and assistance from professionals on the BMCMPO staff and Technical Advisory Committee."

Work on Complete Streets began in 2007, when the CAC began researching ways to ensure the needs of transportation users, pedestrians and motorists could be accommodated as part of the design of transportation projects.

"Complete Streets incorporates proven concepts that will advance the way we design roadways." said Jack Baker, CAC Chair. "It emphasizes roadway design solutions that are flexible and fit into the community context, and requires accommodation of all transportation system users."

The Complete Streets Policy is available on the BMCMPO's webpage at