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The 2009 Woman of the Year and Lifetime Contribution Award Winners

Christine Glaser has been named Bloomington's Woman of the Year, Anne Reese has been named the recipient of the Lifetime Contribution Award, and Melissa Britton has been chosen to receive the Emerging Leader Award.

The Woman of the Year and Lifetime Contribution Award recipients will be honored at the Women's History Month Lunch, which was held on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 at the Convention Center of Bloomington-Monroe County.

Melissa Britton will be awarded the Emerging Leader Award at a Women's Leadership Workshopon March 30, 2009 at City Hall.

Woman of the Year Christine Glaser was nominated by Sharon Andrews and Patricia Pershing. Christine has worked as a researcher, college professor, consultant and advocate of environmental, economic and social issues for over 20 years. After moving from Germany to Bloomington, Indiana she became the initiator and founding member of the Center for Sustainable Living and promoted projects including the Community Bike Project, Simply Living Fair, BloomingVision Project, Genethics and Community Supported Agriculture projects. She has served on many local boards, commissions and councils and has conducted numerous public talks and workshops relating to environmental and sustainability issues. In nominating Glaser, both Andrews and Pershing commented on Christine's tireless efforts to help the Bloomington community "go green" and her passionate advocacy for peace and humanity toward all beings.

Lifetime Contribution Award winner Anne Reese was nominated posthumously by Carol McCord, Barbara Light, Kathryn Brown and Judy Klein. Anne's career started with Planned Parenthood in Bloomington where she worked for many years as a health and sexuality educator, and helped initiate the Family Life Education program for Girl Scouts ages five to 18 throughout a twelve-county area.