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Rats and cans

Trash and Recycling Collection

The City of Bloomington provides trash, recycling and yard waste pickup and disposal for many city residents. Recycling collection is free, and is picked up on your regular trash day every other week. We collect paper and cardboard products, metal cans, glass containers and all plastics (including plastic bags). Participating in the city's recycling program reduces trash and trash fees, and benefits the community and the environment.

Trash must have a $2.00 sticker attached to each container to be picked up. If you have large furniture to dispose of, put two trash stickers on it and set it out on your regular collection day. Click here to learn more about what we can and cannot collect.


Accumulated trash attracts rats and other animals, and is unsanitary. Properties with accumulations of trash or scattered litter or debris may be issued a notice of violation with fines up to $150 a day. Please help keep your neighborhood clean!

Please call the Sanitation Department at 349-3443, or the HAND department at 349-3401 for more information. Also, if you see a violation, you can report it using the uReport website or smartphone app at

When is my trash day?

Try the myBloomington tool to find out when your collection day is.


View maps showing where citations have been written:

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HAND Citations 2005-2010 Map by Type (PDF 5.14 MB)