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WHEREAS, Frank Hrisomalos was born in Bloomington, Indiana, on April 1, 1929. His parents, Nick and Katina, had come to America from their native Greece, and worked hard to make a good life for their family; and
WHEREAS, a naturally gifted student, Frank obtained a degree in pharmacy from Purdue University and continued his education at the Indiana University School of Medicine. While attending IU, he met Athena "Becky" Anton, the love of his life. The couple married in 1954; and
WHEREAS, after Frank graduated from medical school in 1956, he and Becky moved back to Bloomington and Frank began his career as a General Practitioner; and
WHEREAS, over the years, Frank and Becky welcomed four children into the family: Nick, Tom, Karen and Elaine, and became active members of the Bloomington community; and
WHEREAS, during the more than 50 years he has practiced medicine, Frank has earned the respect and confidence of thousands of patients. He is now treating the children and grandchildren of many of his original patients; and
WHEREAS, Frank's list of honors and accomplishments is lengthy and varied, but his true legacy is that of a much loved husband, father and friend.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mark Kruzan, Mayor of Bloomington, Indiana do hereby proclaim April 1, 2009, as

Dr. Frank Hrisomalos Day

in Bloomington, Indiana, on his 80th birthday.

unto set my hand and caused to be affixed the
Seal of the City of Bloomington this
31st day of March 2009.