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Student. Leader. Inspiration to all.

Victoria McClary, a junior at Bloomington High School South, is not new to volunteering. While only 17 years old, she has spent well over half her life as an active volunteer and volunteer leader with Kiwanis Club Family Programs - K-Kids, Builders Club and Key Club - giving back to her community.

Victoria McClary3 As a Key Club President, Victoria takes the lead during a meeting There's always a great need for local youth to help with service projects, to serve as mentors in the community and to show compassion for others. Victoria has participated in ways that have provided food and shelter, inspiration and motivation. She continues to help the community in any way that she is able on a daily basis.

Victoria not only inspires youth to make a difference through serving others, she also inspires adults to do the same. Her volunteer efforts with projects such as volunteering to play her flute to residents of Alterra Sterling House, organizing neighborhood food drives, volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club movie night and Summit Elementary School carnival, and organizing and leading many other projects and committees through her work with Kiwanis have affected hundreds, if not thousands of people in the community.

Victoria McClary2 Sorting food donations at Backstreet MissionsIn the words of Dave Wohler of Kiwanis Key Club International, "I have worked with Key Clubbers on the District (state) and International level for 26 years. Victoria is among the strongest and most dedicated of the thousands with whom I have had personal contact. Very few of the International Presidents and International Trustees whom I have advised have the strength of leadership and determination possessed by Victoria nor have they had the support from home that she enjoys. She is a brilliant student and will go far during her lifetime. It has been an honor and privilege to have been able to work with her over the past three years."

Victoria is a fine example of the ethics described in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the world."