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Empowering young women to be the best they can be.

Stephanie Duncan, a student at Indiana University, has participated as a volunteer at Girls Inc. since January 2008. The impact she has made during her time has gone further than a learning requirement, and is now recognized as a service that exemplifies the outstanding and positive influence a volunteer can have towards a community.

Stephanie Duncan Stephanie has become a voice for the young women that participate in Girls Inc. The program provides after-school care for girls aged 5-18 that involves research-driven programming, mentoring and a supportive all-girls environment. While the motto of the program is to "inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold™," Stephanie takes her time to go above and beyond the needs and expectations of the program.

As one of the first volunteers to implement and develop original programming, Stephanie has shown confidence in her leadership skills. The time she spent participating in the program has translated into a stronger curriculum for the girls. Her multi-year commitment has allowed her to gain the respect of the girls she works with, and showed them that being a strong role model goes beyond the classroom.

Stephanie believes that "playing games in the gym, helping staff with programs or helping girls with their homework give the opportunity to model a strong, educated and compassionate person." The influence she has demonstrated has been observed by the girls, staff and other volunteers, and has enabled all to see their potential that may not have been recognized otherwise. "It is one part of their day where they can see possibilities in themselves, boosting self esteem at a time when it tends to be lowest."

For her positive attitude and commitment, Stephanie was recognized by her supervisor, Rachel Dotson, who acknowledges Stephanie's "passion for helping other people and genuine commitment to playing an active role in her community." There is no doubt that the enthusiasm that Stephanie has for her community will remain steadfast throughout her life.

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