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Sharing a musical passion with children who wish to discover their talents

Julia Copeland With disappearing music programs in schools, students are left out of an educational and artistic experience that allows them to develop and foster talents. Julia Copeland, a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bloomington, is a seasoned violinist who has dedicated herself to sharing her love for music and teaching with the participating students.

Almost 20 children per week take advantage of these free lessons, and even go so far as to commit time at home to practice their instrument. The newfound confidence that a child receives from dedicating themselves to an instrument shows "pride and enjoyment on their faces that state the full value the violin has on these members."

Julia Copeland teaches Julia's experience with the Bloomington's Musical Arts Youth Orchestra has provided her the capacity to create a unique and wonderful musical experience for the members of the Boys and Girls Club.

The staff strives to provide a diverse listing of activities for their youth, including sports, games, tournaments and art projects. But there is no doubt that Julia's lessons "enhance and improve the quality of opportunities at the Club," according to Shawna Meyer-Niederman. She continues that, "the skill and knowledge that it takes to teach an instrument is beyond the abilities of our staff and it takes the time and wisdom that Julia has committed to make this experience possible."

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