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One dedicated family can provide a world of help to animals in need.

Hosler Family 1 Mother and father Victoria and James Hosler, have led their children, Virginia, Daniel and Steven into a world of volunteer opportunities through the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control. Victoria and Virginia both serve as dog-walkers and ambassadors for Adoption showcases, while Daniel and Steven incorporated their Eagle Scout projects to benefit the BACC. Daniel has taken the time to extend the walking path to double its size for the dogs, as far as roto-tilling the land. His results allow all dog walkers to enjoy longer and healthy activity times with their pets. Steven created a weather-proof shelter that allows the animals to play outside, no matter what time of year. BACC realizes that the public responds positively with increased adoptions when they get to see healthy and active animals, and Daniel and Steven have assured the BACC that these dogs will always be able to get plenty of exercise and play time.

Hosler Family 2 Every family member has worked directly with the dogs, walking them and introducing them to the public so that they can foster good relationships with people. They have improved the mental and physical health of all the animals they have worked with, and have helped give countless dogs the love, attention and companionship they need during the time they wait to be adopted.

The Hosler family is very deserving of high recognition for their continued support and service to Bloomington's animals in need. Their countless hours spent on improving the welfare of hundreds of animals is enlightening and inspiring, and demonstrates clearly how a team of people can create a world of good, for those who do not have a voice to ask for help.

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