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Giving non-profit organizations their well-deserved close up.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video goes even further- it can expand the mind to explore and discover a new world. Laura Jesseph, a volunteer for several community organizations, has put her time and talents to use helping local non-profits capture their programs and projects on video. The resulting video is an effective way to advertise their efforts to the public.

Volunteer Laura Jesseph Laura has shared her skills with many local organizations including the Harmony Education Center, United Way of Monroe County, Wonderlab and the Boys and Girls Club, among many others. Her videos have allowed these groups to professionalize their fundraising and promotional efforts and reach out to new audiences

By capturing the highlights of each organization's programs, Laura is giving non-profits a new tool to inform their funders, clients and the public about their valuable work in the community.

But Laura doesn't just stay behind the camera, she plans the production for the individual shoots - creating storyboards, aiding in interviewing, editing and providing all of the equipment. Laura's attention to detail results in a video of which any agency, non-profit or for-profit can be proud. Her work helps these groups recruit volunteers, increase donations and connect to the community.

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