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Digging deep to make a difference.

Alex Smith digs deep to help run Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. As a garden intern, he goes beyond the call of a volunteer to coordinate the garden volunteers, and supervise and address the needs of creating a sustainable and healthy garden. He helps produce the needed produce for low-income families included in MHC's program. Alex is involved in planning the gardens, planting and conditioning the soil and focusing on a reliable and effective composting and watering system. All of this effort has given MHC the peace of mind that their programs can be supported by consistent crops and invaluable care that Alex brings.

Volunteer Alex Smith With his desire to connect the community to the benefits of gardening, Alex created a space that was open to the youth of the Crestmont area. Over 20 young people participated and learned how to tend to a working garden over the past year. As a biology student at IU, he has also driven fellow students to connect with the goals of MHC, and has increased their volunteer network.

The desire to expand his program to the greater Crestmont community will surely be a success. He strives to make the MHC garden more accessible, and features the need for additional volunteers to sustain the program he dedicates so much time to. He will also co-facilitate with the Boys and Girls Club, by supervising a weekly youth program to teach the value and benefits of harvesting fresh food.

According to his nominator, Stephanie Solomon, "Alex is an excellent example of the power of service-learning, his education is supplemented by the faces of the youth gardeners and the issues in the soil, and community members benefit from his knowledge and passion."

Learn more about becoming a volunteer with Mother Hubbard's Cupboard here.