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Uncovering American history, one veteran at a time.

Much of American history has yet to be uncovered. For the U.S. veterans who have been an active part of that history, Lt. Col. H.M. "Bud" Lynch has provided an opportunity to record their history - in their own voice - and preserve and honor their time spent serving our country through the Monroe County Veteran's History Project.

Volunteer - Bud Lynch Capturing an "oral history" is a labor-intensive process that can be emotionally draining for the interviewer and interviewee. Many of these stories are shared for the first time and hold intense memories. With approximately 1,000 WWII veterans nationwide dying every day, the documenting of these stories is more urgent than ever.

Bud has conducted over 250 interviews, and has a style and process that makes everyone he meets feel at ease. As a veteran of Vietnam, Korea and the WWII occupational forces, Bud himself has many stories to tell, but he has continued prioritize his quest to collect the stories of other veterans for the Monroe County History Center archives.

Volunteer - Bud Lynch2 While the Veteran's History Project is a national initiative, Indiana is ranked as one of the top states producing interviews, and Monroe County is one of the leaders in collecting information. Bud has been recognized by Senator Richard Lugar and the Library of Congress for his completion of many extensive interviews. On top of his work for the History Center, Bud is a frequent guest speaker for Veteran's Day programs, and is a valued volunteer in the community. We all know we can learn from history- and the stories he has brought to light will never fade.

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