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Empowering others to save lives.

Confidence is key when, at a moment's notice, you could be on the spot to save a person's life. CPR and First Aid training is essential for all people to know in order to act and succeed in protecting or saving a hurt person in need. Trent Applegate is a health and safety instructor for the American Red Cross Health and Safety Programs and for over 19 years, has taught countless students how to perform CPR and First Aid techniques. His work has trained others to skillfully expand this vital knowledge to larger communities. Currently, Trent volunteers with the Basic Aid Training through the American Red Cross, which is designed to teach and prepare student how to prevent and handle harmful situations.

Volunteer - Trent Applegate Striving to create a safer community, Trent reaches out to various groups, including the IU school of education, to help the American Red Cross reach their goal of having 25% of all citizens be trained in these lifesaving procedures. There are currently over 200 authorized instructors in Monroe County to teach CPR/First Aid, but Trent's work with the Basic Aid Training (BAT) program goes beyond the classroom and into entire schools.

Trent has gone so far as to empower and influence hundreds of local fourth-graders and IU students, proving age is no excuse for not having basic knowledge of these important tactics. Many involved with the program agree that it is vital to teach children from a young age how they can safely help if there is an emergency. In order to promote a lifelong passion for learning, the American Red Cross recognizes that young children and adults can begin their education and maintain and increase their knowledge to become responsible citizens in the community.

It is hard to determine how many lives Trent has helped save through his instruction, but his efforts have empowered hundreds of people to be a lifeline to a person in need.

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