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Giving back reveals the values of this sorority.

The ladies of the Beta Delta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta (AGD) are all about events; for Hoosier Hills Food Bank (HHFB) of course. For years they have been reliable supporters of HHFB projects. In summer of 2008 when HHFB was preparing to move into a new warehouse, members of the sorority dedicated three consecutive Fridays to painting the entire warehouse including twenty feet tall walls. Their continual commitment, no matter the task, is an invaluable gift not taken for granted.

Volunteer - Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta members paint the Food Bank WarehouseHHFB is looking forward to these ladies involvement in special events like the Soup Bowl (the Food Bank's largest fundraiser). Other events include an Indiana University campus-based food drive competition between student organizations called The Block Walk Challenge and the Meal Share Repack program (repackages rescued foods from local restaurants and cafeterias).

Last fall, an AGD member approached the Food Bank with the idea of starting an IU student group called "Friends of HHFB." The group's primary function is to support the Food Bank by volunteering, organizing food drives, and advocating the HHFB's mission. Just a few weeks later, a strong base of members was formed, who have already organized community-wide food drives and volunteered over twenty hours.

AGD members have set themselves apart from any other Greek organization that volunteers with HHFB. Their continual involvement, eagerness to serve, and passion to expand their capacities makes evident the values of the sorority.

To find out how to get involved with Hoosier Hills Food Bank, click here!