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Sharing a passion for organic and sustainable living.

Lucille Bertuccio helps people grow outside of their gardens. As co-founder for the Go Organic Educator Series (GOES), President of the Center for Sustainable Living in Bloomington, and advisor to the Bloomington Organic Gardeners Association (BOGA), she certainly has the expertise and experience that it takes to help others support organic growing methods.

Volunteer - Lucille Bertuccio2 GOES is a 13 week class that schedules organic gardening experts to share their gardening knowledge with the community. Upon completion, participants become certified as grow organic educators. Lucille organizes classes and field trips, and she teaches modules. GOES graduates have opportunities of continuing education and volunteerism through the BOGA. As an advisor for the association, Lucille supervised creations and maintenance of the garden at the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead Historic Site.

In addition to work with GOES, Lucille also volunteers to teach classes at People's University, such as: "Create an Instant Butterfly Garden with the Lasagna Method." Lucille's service has greatly expanded the department to provide the community with high-quality classes (in horticulture and sustainability) at low cost.

Volunteer - Lucille Bertuccio3 Lucille (far left) poses with her fellow Habitat StewardsLucille's efforts have guaranteed strength and growth for the local organic movement here in Bloomington. "Lucille constantly seeks out opportunities to share her ecological values and methods," says City of Bloomington's Parks and Recreations Special Services Coordinator, Kim Ecenbarger. "We appreciate her commitment and involvement in the community."

Educating others on how they can make a lasting effect in their homes, gardens and communities, Lucille is a leader in her own kind, using her passions and skills to inspire others.

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