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Always leaving people smiling.

In just one year, Avery Wigglesworth has quickly established herself as a vital contributor to the Cardinal Stage Company. The company produces shows that speak to the wide-ranging interests in the Bloomington community, while offering outreach programs, and promoting local talents.

Volunteer - Avery Wigglesworth Avery Wigglesworth, center, in her starring role in the 2009 Cardinal Stage production of The Diary of Anne FrankAvery volunteers 8 hours per week through Bloomington High School North's Career Exploration Internship program. However, she goes far beyond that time commitment, working on special projects like the viral marketing campaign. For the campaign, Avery ensures the events reach a broad and diverse audience through social networking and email campaigns.

Orchestrating many aspects of CSC's annual fall fundraiser (a screening of the Rock Horror Picture Show), Avery directly contributed to the events success of raising $6000 for education and outreach programs.

An important link to the high-school community, she recruits several fellow students to CSC events. Avery has a great reputation respected by both her peers and teachers. Her ability to be both articulate and fun simultaneously makes for a winning combination.

Avery is mature beyond her years, taking ownership of projects she's involved in and genuinely wanting to see them succeed. She is professional and personable, and her interactions with patrons always leave people smiling.

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