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Behind the scenes and behind the screams!

The spirit of Halloween is an endearing memory for many people. The creative costumes that we wear to amuse, along with all the treats collected and the decorations that embody the excitement of the day are all fondly looked upon by those celebrating and those simply observing.

Volunteer - Donnie Hampton The Crestmont Haunted House and Fall Festival hosts the Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bloomington, creating an experience that their participants will never fail to remember. Donnie Hampton, the "unquestioned authority for the Haunted House," takes his creativity a step above what is expected to dazzle children and parents alike with his over-the top entertaining maze that becomes the haunted house experience.

Drawing over 600 participants over the past three years, this night that Donnie creates brings together "all of the naturally occurring social cliques, stages of teenage fearlessness, younger sibling and curious parents," according to Anna Remenschneider, the Big Brothers Big Sisters Advocate for Community Engagement and Donnie's nominator.

Donnie works tirelessly each year to commit to the high standards he creates for his night of fun. Using a worksite that may not necessarily catch the eye, Donnie transforms what he is given into a "labyrinth of cobwebbed hallways pulsing with strobe-lights and ringing with maniacal laughter," that is the center stage for the Fall Festival and draws endless lines for trick-or-treaters anticipating an exceptional evening. Working around a month-long schedule, Donnie commits every day in October to the worksite, and makes himself readily available to anyone who needs his expertise or help.

Every minute detail was addressed with care, from decorations, flooring, construction and candy donations. He even went so far as to repairing walls in the building and replacing a stolen sound system. On top of his dedication to the haunted house, he still manages to orchestrate many of the activities for the Fall Festival.

Donnie's caring and engaged attitude towards his service to the community makes an energetic evening that epitomizes the spirit of the holiday that we all have come to love over the years.