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A familiar and friendly face at a local landmark.

The Buskirk-Chumley Theater is a nonprofit performance venue, presenting performances by national, regional and community sponsored events. James "Jim" Mahan has been with the theater since the Golden Age of Hollywood screening began in 2003.

Volunteer - Jim Mahan Every month, the theater shows a classic Hollywood film free of charge to the community. Even though the screenings are shown during the day when it's typical to have school or work conflicts, Jim ushers every show. As an usher, he is in charge of handing out programs, taking tickets, greeting and seating patrons, keeping the theater in order, and providing general information about the theater.

Along with Jim's dedication and commitment to the Theater, he always maintains a kind and helpful attitude. During the Lyle Lovett Concert, for example, it was so cold outside that Jim volunteered to be the door greeter so none of the other volunteers would be uncomfortable. His empathetic nature and assistance to new volunteers especially helps them get acquainted with the theater.

The Theater staff depends on Jim tremendously. The Golden Age of Hollywood screenings would not be as great without Jim's service. All staff members agree that Jim deserves recognition for his extraordinary service. "I could not being to tell you how many people in the Bloomington community Jim has helped," explained Volunteer Coordinator Pam Mangan, but you can begin to get an idea of the number of people he has helped from his service at over 100 events for audiences ranging from 100-600!

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