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Animal Island


Joe LaMantia & Stone Belt Artisans in collaboration with Bruce's Welding and Fabrication


New and recycled steel




B-Line Trail

223 W. 6th Street

About the Work

This collaborative work, by clients and staff of Stone Belt Arc, was the first to be installed on the B-Line Trail. It represents an ongoing partnership between the City of Bloomington and Stone Belt, a local nonprofit that provides education and support to persons with disabilities. Designed and created by Stone Belt clients, this piece is comprised largely of salvaged materials, embodying Bloomington's philosophy of sustainability. The bright colors and whimsical animals speak to the countless children and children-at-heart who use the trail. Atop each animal is an equally colorful and imaginative weather vane, alluding to the fish that tops the Bloomington Courthouse. Mosaic stepping stone flowers in the sidewalk invite people to walk around and explore each animal.

About the Artist

Joe LaMantia, a Bloomington citizen and artist-in-residency at Stone Belt Arc has been involved in countless community art projects with the City of Bloomington, BEAD and Stone Belt. LaMantia is a humanitarian dedicated to the production of collaborative art. In 2007, he was honored with an Arts Leadership Award for Arts in Education by the Bloomington Area Arts Council for his collaborative arts projects in the community. He works to provide local schools and childrens' organizations the opportunity to plan and create artworks, illustrating the potential of collaboration between children and adults.