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Sculpture for Evan Farrell Donated by Cem and Vicki Basman in memory of Evan Farrell


Mark Wallis






B-Line Trail

between 9th and 10th Streets

About the Work

This sculpture was created in memory of Evan Farrell, a beloved member of the local independent music scene. Evan was known inside and outside Bloomington through his work with the bands Japonize Elephants and Rogue Wave. He died in December of 2007 at the age of 31 as a result of injuries suffered in an house fire in Oakland, California where he was had performed in a reunion concert. In the year before his death, Evan worked as a general contractor for Cem and Vicki Basman (donors of the sculpture). The couple became friends with Evan and his wife, Jill. To commemorate Evan's remarkable persona, the Basmans decided to donate a public art piece to the City of Bloomington. Serendipity struck as Jill and the Basmans searched through Mark Wallis' collection of pieces July, 24, 2008, Evan's 32nd birthday. When Jill found Dancing Spirit, she looked up to see the van Evan had owned for years drive by. He had sent his blessing and the sculpture which abstractly represents Evan holding his guitar, making the music that brought joy to so many, now sits here. Evan's essence as a loving husband, step-father and loyal friend is remembered and honored by the many people whose lives he touched.

About the Artist

Mark Wallis of Spencer, Indiana works in a variety of media creating furniture, outdoor environmental works and sculpture. Much of his work is abstract, kinetic and non-thematic. He holds a BFA in sculpture from Kansas City Art Institute and a MFA in sculpture from Indiana University. Mark has taught classes at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and has received national recognition through awards, commissions, and publication of his work in magazines and The Artist's Illustrated Encyclopedia. He has pieces throughout the country including in Terre Haute's public art collection, the City of Ann Arbor's public art collection and on Mass Avenue in Indianapolis.